Eric Carraway developer


Front-end engineer.  Contractor at Rackspace.  Band nerd.

Hi, I’m Eric.  I’m carving a niche as a musician, educator, and software developer in San Antonio, Texas.

I currently work as a front-end developer for TEKsystems in a full-time contract position at Rackspace Hosting.  In my free time, I enjoy working on various music software passion projects.

Prior to becoming a software developer, I was a high school band director from 2005-2014.  I hold a Master of Music degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Music Education degree from Kent State University (Ohio).

When I’m not writing code, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife Katie.

Eric Carraway

About this site has been my online home since 2005
Here are some details about its current iteration:

  • Hand-coded in Atom
  • Built on Jekyll, the open source static site generator
  • Version-controlled at GitHub and hosted on GitHub Pages
  • 50% of the site uses a modified version of the Lanyon/Poole theme - I’m transitioning from the Bootswatch Journal theme
  • This site has tests 🤓