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Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe


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We have a principle in software development called DRY.  The aim of Don’t Repeat Yourself is to reduce the repetition of information and manual tasks.


My friend JY shared his old fashioned cocktail recipe with me at a dinner party last year.  Since then, numerous friends have requested it.


  • Old-Fashioned Glass
  • Angostura Bitters: approx. 5 shakes
  • Rye Whiskey: 1-2 oz, Old Overholt or Knob Creek Rye
  • Brown Sugar Simple Syrup: approx. 0.5 oz
  • Ice



Angostura Bitters

Angostura Bitters

Old Overholt or Knob Creek Rye

Old Overholt Knob Creek Rye